Claude 9 at Capitol Commons: Spreading the gospel of linamnam

You’d be happy to know that a tapas bar as well as a new branch of Santis Delicatessen would soon be up in Capitol Commons—it used to be just a walled up property along Meralco Avenue cor. Shaw Boulevard, right beside the Ynares Sports Complex. Now the site’s been transformed so quickly by Ortigas & Co., it’s actually quite stunning.

I dropped by last night because I heard that Chef Claude Tayag would be having a kitchen demo, also because I had nothing else to do and it’s hard to be left alone with idle thoughts. Aside from Bourdain, there’s a food writer I worked with before (JJ Yulo of Pinoy Eats World) who raved so much about Bale Dutung, Claude’s restaurant in Pampanga. I figured, seeing the Chef could inspire me to cook beyond scrambled eggs, hotdogs, and bacon.


Mercato Centrale had an interim set-up along the walkway leading to the stage—the space was enough to have everyone seated and keep them from smelling like ulam and isaw.


There’s also a solitary food truck that served tacos. Hehe.


Before Chef Claude, two other chefs from the 1771 Group conducted their demos. One of them was Executive Chef Vicky Pacheco, who made a very complicated sandwich I can’t even remember the name. Side note: I’ve always loved Sentro but over time developed a preference for Elias for Filipino food cravings.


Then the moment of truth. Chef Claude made two dishes—pasta with prawns and crab fat and a dessert made from coconut meat and Macapuno ice cream. I was surprised to hear him speak. True to his gospel of linamnam (the Japanese equivalent would be umami) and a dedication to spreading the love for such an underrated cuisine like ours, Chef Claude spoke not as a sophisticated food connoisseur (did I spell that right?) but as a kusinero.

The sad part is that I didn’t get to try his pasta, but he was rather humble to ask for feedback so that he can make adjustments to the dish when at home.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. I haven’t gotten over the cooking fever so I tried doing something simple (meaning, without the risk of splattering cooking oil or wasting raw food).


Beer anyone?

This is the third weekend for Festival of World Class Filipinos being celebrated in Capitol Commons. Aside from the whole food shebang, I think there’s also an exhibit inside the Capitol Commons Information Center that features works by furniture designers Ito Kish and and Kenneth Cobonpue.  Next week, they’d be holding a fashion show featuring works of Michael Cinco, Amina Aranaz, Albert Andrada, and two other names I can’t remember. Lol.

Cheers! Now I have to take the dog out, because again idle thoughts are not welcomed at the moment.



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