Independence Dawg Days and Wishbone

Been meaning to take the dog out today for a quick groom but the weather didn’t cooperate. I had a really DEADLY deadline in the morning and it rained for the rest of the afternoon, so the better part of my Independence Day was spent sleeping– and waiting for the Game of Thrones download. The dog hates me for sure. He knows how to get his own leash when we tell him we’re going out. He has a way of letting us feel his disappointment over broken promises and postponed afternoon walks.

005See, how could you let this face down? 😦

His favorite groomer is in Tiendesitas. Several months ago though, we found an alternative at Bonifacio High Street, rear side of Hobbes and Landes. The salon is called Wishbone–which has the standard grooming services, plus a couple of weird ones like a doggy massage (for an additional P50.oo) and the pawdicure.


The interior is quite colorful, pleasant, and all glass, so you’d be able to see your dog (but he can see you too, so careful not to get the pet distracted).

001Of all the pet grooming salons I’ve been to, this one smelled the best (I am not kidding!) meaning, you don’t go out ‘amoy aso.’ Haha!


Wishbone also reminds me of the 90s television show that aired in Studio 23 about a very well-read dog called–Wishbone (real name is Soccer)! He’s my favorite Jack Russel Terrier of all time and the highlight of my Saturday TV viewing. The show ran some time around 1995 to 1998 and actually won a lot of awards including a Peabody. This is Wishbone in the Robin Hood episode.


Hopefully I could take my dog to the salon on Saturday, because right now, he doesn’t look half as guapo as my grade school hero dog. The midweek holiday will come to a close in about 15 minutes. Happy Independence Day to my fellow Filipinos, hope yours was as productive as mine. Haha!


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