Message from 2010 (A repost): 21 and still a blank canvas, this is why I never got a tattoo

Written Thursday, April 29, 2010. From the old blog.

Twelve years ago, back in grade school, we were taught that there are 9 planets in the solar system—that was until Pluto got booted off the list and was considered a satellite with an abnormal orbit. I believed that the rubber / plastic toys that we bought outside the school really expand life size if soaked in water for a considerable amount of time. I believed that brushing your teeth four times a day would make them as white as the one’s we see in TV commercials, until people started having issues about teeth whitening and excessive fluoride use that result to certain diseases.

Eight years ago, I believed that God is not dead and that he oversees every living thing alive, like a child addicted to Sims, creating destroying people and infrastructure at will—now I only believe in coincidences and probability. I am resigned to the fact that success or failure is a by product of our decisions, indecisions, and a healthy serving of drunk moments that give life a bit of spontaneity. Life is never about faith.

Four years ago, I believed that being jaded is a sign of maturity. To be able think clearly, you’d have to burn down everything cheesy in your life and get the most basic truth about loneliness—until I met someone who gave me enough reason to think things over. I couldn’t be happier right at this moment.

Two years ago, I believed everything was possible with a UP education and that I’m going to have it easy once I leave the university. It took me two months to get my first low-paying job as a PR assistant which I hated down to the marrow.

So you see, nothing ever I held true in my short 21 years ever stayed true for longer than eight. Nothing was ever significant enough to merit a wee bit of space on my skin, because all the truths I have fabricated will crumble faster than the sagging of my skin and I can’t bring them with me in old age. Perhaps, I’ll never get a tattoo—perhaps, this might change in next couple of years.


Because I am toying with the idea now, but it’s gonna be another truth down the drain.


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