adidas King of the Road in review

I almost died you guys. But today’s experience, despite being a bad example, again proves that you can run without training. Haha.

My gun time is around 2:30 for 16.8 kilometers. Fit lolos and lolas can do better, I assure you, but we all have our limitations. Mine is brought about by smoking and an over all unwillingness to train.

There are a few things that helped me get across the Kalayaan Flyover with a bit of dignity like a super awesome running playlist, a shitload of bananas, energy gels, runners that make you think ‘dat ass’, the vision of having a nice breakfast followed by my first stick in 12 hours, and a two hour massage after that. I am waiting for the spas to open as I write. It also helped that the organizers hired a lot of cheerers present in the last stretch of the race–gay fairies, an Elmo mascot, clowns.

Heck, I was at the tail end of the race from start to finish but thank the high heavens there were a lot of people who ran much slower and who lost hope sooner, hahaha.

Next year would be a good chance to achieve a better time. Or maybe not.

I would love to run still, but sloth always gets the better of me.


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