adidas Springblade: God knows I’m not big on shoes but I’m lusting for this one

Actually my two-year old Climacool works fine and is showing no signs of breaking down, falling apart, or spontaneously combusting. BUT still. Springblade has been released internationally, while PH is still preoccupied with Boost, so I guess I’d be waiting a while. Here’s a photo taken somewhere in the web (not mine) :

adidas-springblade-01And another one. The blades are supposed to give you some sort of recoil, push you forward, and provide energy return. Well I don’t care, it just looks good. Haha.


And another one.  There’s no foam on the mid-sole but Springblade is about three ounces heavier than Boost. Less cushioning, wonder how that feels.

spring blade

I swear by the old gods. I will run more than once a week once I get these new kicks (the retail price is 180 dollars, it’s ridiculously expensive so you have to use it). For real! Lolz.


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