The Stockroom, Tiendesitas: I can’t get over it

There’s a furniture and novelty boutique in the new Tiendesitas building that I’ve been coming back to since November. The first purchase was a DIY clock that’s now mounted on my bedroom wall; second was a bunch of graphic ash trays and matches that are too cute to even use.

I was never big on furniture, but the whole concept of The Stockroom got me so excited about a residential unit, which I’m currently slaving away for. It’s definitely a cheaper alternative to equally inspiring spaces like Heima and Space Encounters at Ortigas. Here are some shots taken by my awesome photog friend Paola Aseron—all of them are owned by and borrowed from Tiendesitas.

The Stockroom 1 The Stockroom 4

The Stockroom 5

Side note: If you haven’t seen Space Encounters along Emerald Ave., I suggest you come and visit. According to their blog, the concept is Danish-retro meets pop Asia in science fiction neon. Okay, that is just too complex.  I just thought it was pretty. We did a shoot there some time ago for the first generation Samsung tablets with Laureen Uy. Here’s a snapshot, done by the same photographer.

Space Encounters

Galing no! Interior / furniture design is probably one of the best professions in the world, but not all would have the flair for it. Haha!


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