The obligatory yearend post

Sometime in the middle 2013, I made a list of goals under the influence of a crude Stella + Johnnie combi–long- and short-term ones that are hard to streamline and even harder to justify. The list does not include items like ‘Quit smoking’ or ‘Be a more sensitive, loving daughter,’ but more like ’30. Vacuum cleaner for the book shelves,’ ’19. Date someone once and never show your face ever again,’  ’88. Herbalife supplements for weight gain,’ and ‘110. Randomly slap a friend.’

I have decided to do all of the items with due consideration to the severity of their consequences but little regard to period of execution. I will take it slow and loosen up because the whirlwind that is 2013 has made me a very dull and humorless kid.  As it is, I have made no definite goals for this year, no basis for expectations, no contrast to be made versus the Water Snake. Yet in observance of tradition, I will still make a review of 2013 based on my old template.

People of the year: Of all the connections I made in 2013, the best ones were those made in the utility company. Met friends who have the wisdom of old age and other friends who are young and brimming with idealism. With them, I gained perspective—something that ambitious people of my age may not have or fail to acknowledge.

Friends who had children / got married: None. No settling down just yet for people whose priorities mirror mine. 🙂 This is both a choice and a predicament.

Biggest achievement: Officially head of the firm’s corporate desk at 24.

Biggest failure: A perpetual battle with self-doubt that is showing no sign of subsidence.

Movie of theatrical production of the year: Piaf. I don’t remember dates or names in the playbill, but distinctly, I recall this: the house lights dimmed, somebody stroked the piano keys, and the sound of La Vie en Rose welled-up, not from the theater’s sound system, but from memory. I swear it was fucking enchantment.

Book of the year: None of those I’ve read by far. I talked to S. about this just a couple of days ago. Prose doesn’t have the same effect on me as before. Nothing seems to stick.  I may have a problem.

Restaurant of the year: V. drove around the Bel-Air area for a loooong time before I decided to call Boss half past midnight and ask where the hell El Chupacabra is. Google Maps can be accurate when traversing highways but it does not take into account broken wire fences, where people cross on foot. El Chupacabra is a Mexican restaurant that serves the best fucking street tacos.  We went through hell to find that place.

Destination of the year: Bataan to catch the sunrise of 30 November. Fast, unplanned, almost life-threatening.

Big purchases: None.

First time to: Few notable ones I’d mention:

  1. Finished 21k during the Nat Geo Run at a breakneck speed of 8 kph thanks to no training. Haha, bitch, don’t laugh at me I’m fabulous.
  2. I intentionally had and paid for a tarot reading, followed by my first real case of food poisoning
  3. Swam on just my underwear and without a change of clothes in the historic Bataan trip
  4. Jumped to the client side of the business and felt the power of an eight-digit PR budget
  5. I opened a checking account, which is indicative of maturity. Hahaha!
  6. I let go of my longest relationship and gained, more than anything else, greater self-respect
  7. I am now handling an actual team!
  8. For the first time in many years, I failed to take a solo trip to the beach (and I am making up for it in 2014)
  9. Had an actual, face to face encounter with the people I once talked to just online
  10. I have dropped the hideous mobile service provider that is Globe Telecoms after 14 years of thankless patronage and moved to Smart, where my friend is one of the bosses in the IT department (and this, my friends, is so much better than a Platinum account)

2013, you bitch.  I look forward to nothing and everything in 2014, but guess what.

I’m feeling lucky.


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