I have my favorite smoking area at Peninsula Manila–that one near The Conservatory, which you can access through a door across the lifts . The last time I went there was only during an Asean finance ministers event late May, so when I came back last Friday for a strat workshop, I was pleasantly surprised to see these two occupying my spot. peninsula-catsBoth are blind due to some sort of eye infection. Too much incapacity right there. They couldn’t  find the cup of milk which I put right under their little noses. Even with a really nice hotel employee (named Joza) who feeds them everyday, I seriously doubt if these kittens would live long enough to become full grown, healthy, mischievous cats. Nevertheless I hope they survive a day longer and somehow make it through this storm. As of 11:00 PM, the weather bureau said Manila is at Signal No. 3, so no, stray cats are not safe. Some humans are not safe. But isn’t it weird to be this comfortable, just typing away, waiting for the downpour, savoring the fact that work’s been suspended tomorrow precisely because it is unsafe? Oh well little kittens, I’m sending my hope to you on a paper boat. The metaphorical act as meaningless as the amount of sleep I’ve lost tonight, thinking of two inconsequential critters.  


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