Bangkok Semi-captioned

Random Bangkok photos, because I can’t write anymore. Hello sloth. Ayothaya-1I bought a smaller version of the monk painting at 700 baht. Still couldn’t find a nice corner to put it in, but there are nights when I just look at it and wonder when my own pilgrimage will start.

Ayothaya-2 Fruits.

Ayothaya-3And more fruits.

Ayothaya-4A monk getting the day’s ration.

Ayothaya-5An emergency bay for tourists. Haha!


Wat-Po-wishTo false hopes and wasted money. Haha!

Mr-Jones-OrphanageFor cuteness. I sure hope this door isn’t used.

Khao-SanWild night at Khao San.

BangkokOur account executives carving their own space in hell by pretending to be fashion bloggers.


Wat-Po-1Once upon a century, some people actually had the time to make intricate wall drawings.

Thip-SamaiLong lines, a busy service crew at Thip Samai Pad Thai.

Thip-Samai-Pad-ThaiPresumably the best pad thai in Bangkok. I have no way of validating, but this is 70 baht well spent. So freakin good.

Siam-SquareOne afternoon at Siam Square with the hipster colleague.

OctaveOctave Rooftop Bar at Marriott. Awesome view. Awesome mojito.

The next trip would be more interesting. I don’t know when/where/how though. 🙂


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