To A, D, M, T, and everyone who’s ‘going through a lot,’ ‘Fuck you’ is the answer

fuck youTo everyone, ‘Fuck you.’ May you find the courage to shove these words to the throats and asses of all the fuckers out there, who made you feel less self-assured. From this very second, I implore you, be rational. If you deduce the most basic fact about your relationship with difficult people, it is this: you are better off without them. You are better off without the non-committal could-be lover or that grand bitch/jerk of an ex.

Dump. That. Shit.

Get out of bed and rise because even in the absence of a companion or even a real goddamn purpose in life, there are things to be done: answer the e-mails, bring your dog to the vet, pack for your next trip, catch the next flight, write, read, spend your hard-earned money, replace your worn-out laundry hamper, look for a nice set of cutlery, restock the fridge, redesign your apartment, catch up with friends, update your CV, pay your credit card bill, learn to properly poach an egg so your next breakfast won’t look like somebody threw a firecracker at it.

Everything that is seemingly mundane is another step to putting your shitty life back together and that is not bad. That is good news. It’s all you actually need to realize that regardless of someone’s presence, or absence, the world will not give a shit, so you might as well stop feeling bad. It is pointless. You are not inadequate, just overly dramatic.

May you find that glint of curiosity, insight, empathy, awareness, inspiration that will set your life back on course–and in the process, stumble upon that person who will genuinely give a fuck about you (and would actually want to fuck you). Altogether now!

“Fuck you (fuck you), fuck you very, very much.” –Lily Allen


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