TWT Weekend: Silanguin Cove, Zambales (Or my aborted Cinco Picos climb)

T., an officemate, told me about Silanguin Cove late February after spending a weekend there with her college friends. It’s super isolated, there’s no signal, she said. And that was enough to send me boating past Anawangin, Nagsasa, and Talisayin Coves in San Antonio, Zambales into the least popular, black sand beach with not too many people (but way too many cute animals).

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The easiest way to Silanguin Cove is via a two-hour boat ride from Pundaquit that would cost you around P2,500.00 (that’s the going rate, but since I traveled alone using a smaller boat, it only took an hour, at a price of P2,000 with a free tent). The harder, more exciting way is via Sitio Cawag in Subic. All you really have to do is traverse Mt. Cinco Picos (difficulty level 4/9, trail class 1-3, major fucking climb) and you’ll get to the beach after hours and hours of continuous hiking, walking, praying to god you don’t get a heatstroke.

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On the way, baby!
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Yeah, this looks like a walk in the park. Absolutely. No kidding.

That Saturday though, I woke up late and decided to just take the Pundaquit route, because look at that mountain. The heat will kill me. I can’t even. Here are photos of the cove and my new found animal friends. That weekend, I was the only person camped at Puerto Silanguin, and the neighboring resort had only about six guests.

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Told you. Animals.
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More animals.
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Still more animals. The name of this macho-cat is Mawi.
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There is nobody here.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 presetIf you’re itching for a bit of exercise, hike to the falls / river (I would not recommend it though during summer because the water dries up). Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetTo cap this post, let me give you a photo of the sunset. It’s like you’re in a different planet. Ganda! Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


This blog post is part of my 2015 travel project called #epic7107 — to vist as many places within the home-country as possible and to write not just about destinations, but also, people.  


2 thoughts on “TWT Weekend: Silanguin Cove, Zambales (Or my aborted Cinco Picos climb)”

  1. Hi! Thanks for your blog! We are planning to hike Mt. Cinco Picos to Silanguin Cove this Saturday. I was informed that there is now a signal in Silanguin Cove since February this year, is it true? I’ve just been to Nagsasa and Anawangin but not yet in Silanguin. Just need to know if I would be reachable thru phone if I go to Silanguin. Your answer would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Hi Rein! I’m a Smart user. 90% of the time, there was no signal (at least when I was there). EXCEPT some select parts of the island. For instance, there was a bit of reception near the hut of Kuya Long Hair at Puerto Silanguin. I guess you just have to find the right spot. 🙂

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