Sage and/or Hermit Mode Update: A.O.T residual madness

Close to a month of no climbing (and 13-hour work days) has led to a destructive media binge–that includes the first season marathon of Attack on Titan, which my friend J. told me about eons ago. The premise is gross: it’s like a giant-zombie apocalypse series minus standard Terminator-weaponry. Yeah, no guns, just thick blades and a complicated pulley-system that can help you swing from building to building. And now, I belong to the restless crowd of nerds waiting for the live-action movie on August 12.

The madness continues. I learned recently that the manga was inspired by two of Francisco de Goya’s Black Paintings, The Colossus and Saturn Devouring His Son (not posting a photo of the latter here, just Google at your own risk).

P02969 001
El Coloso

El Coloso, a huge medieval figure with an unseen enemy, sporting the Eren Jaeger combat stance. The fictional counterpart is a visual atrocity (well actually, all Titans are). Have you ever wondered how people (or giants) with no skin actually smell like? No clue. Let’s wait for a 5D movie.


Anyway, this whole thing led me to a review of art history. I’m done with the medievals for now because Spanish painters are so morbid. So, I’m slowly moving to this group of Beaux Arts rebels, beginning with Manet, Cezanne, Leger, and the man with the living beard, Camille Pissarro.

Cheers to a productive, brain fattening weekend.

P.S. Looking forward to the next trip (whenever that would be) to boot me off this cycle.


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