I’m running it! adidas King of the Road on July 7

Last time I checked, it’s still possible to finish a half-marathon without proper training–but that’s always with a risk of injury and below par chip time, which then translates to a quashed ego. I ran 21k with little training at Nat Geo last April and got lola hits, maybe even great grand-lola hits at 3++ hours. Haha!


Today, thanks to some media friends, I got this VIP certificate for adidas King of the Road along with a chance to redeem myself (if only I could cut down on ciggies and have enough motivation to train after work).


KOTR only has two distances: 16.8k (P1,300.00) and 10k (P1,100.00), plus a 10k relay for students (P800.00). I’m guessing that the number of participants would be significantly less compared to previous years. Online registration through Proactive has been up since May 02 and would end on June 23,  but you can still go onsite in select adidas stores and Runnr at BHS until June 30.

I’m yet to get information on the race route and gun start scheds, but we were told to be there as early as 4AM. Medyo two years na ko tumatakbo, pero same reklamo, ang aga, anak ng tokwa. 

Also, adidas has redesigned the finisher medals so we have something to look forward to apart from Solenn running almost naked. Updates are regularly posted here: http://adidaskingoftheroad.com/ph.

That’s it! May you have the time to train. Start hoarding ’em bananas!


Getting some education

Funny that I still found a bit of amusement in my short visit to the Meralco Museum several days ago. While I’m usually too lazy to take my tablet out and take photos, these attractions seemed worth the trouble. Sometimes its actually fun getting a bit of education. Sometimes.


Tram replica biyaheng San Marcelino – Pasay. With Fu Manchu and Alhambra Cigar ads. So bad ass, I wanted to take the whole damn thing home (and maybe sleep in it).


Superior quality cigarillos at ten cents per pack.


Early 1900s Coca-Cola ad replica with a clear logo violation. 


Back when electric fans and electric irons were cutting edge.


And lastly, a service truck replica. 

Let me conclude by saying that I haven’t eaten dinner and I’m famished. I hope you liked the photos. Bye!