About | Breathing Room

Hello and welcome to the TWT blog! My name is Diane Hidalgo, a PR-bitch by day, a relatively normal person while traveling.

The thing about being a corporate sell-out is that you have to protect your reputation to the best of your ability, watch your language, be politically correct, smart, conscientious, and most of all, tasteful. This is my breathing room. Because I need space to be blunt, profane, tanga (in English: stupid, In Japanese: baka), and cheap once in a while. No, actually, most of the time.

I like beer, cigarettes, dogs, running, sleep, pork fat, cheap thrills, the beaches, mountains, excessively sweet iced americano, and spicy Korean noodles. But most of all, I like payday.Β I am also a lesbian.

Everything written here is generally safe for work–including the occasional profanity. If you have ideas / tips where to go, what to do, what to eat, whatever, just send me a note and let’s see if it’s something I could do in a weekend (alam nyo na, mahirap mag-leave). Then I’ll write about it. Also, all views expressed here are my own (certainly not my employer’s and not my clients’). Deal with it.



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